There is ample free parking for all visitors. We can also accommodate coaches

Pram and Wheelchair Accesibility

The park is laid out with clear roads and tracks. People with prams  and wheelchairs are able to navigate around the main display gardens and the rainforest. The picnic area and chapel are also readily accessible

BBQ and Picnic

The picnic area is located adjacent  to the chapel. There is a lawned area and picnic tables. We also have a wood BBQ in this location.

There are several other locations around the park where visitors can picnic. 



 These are located just up the path from the chapel. 

Food and Drink

 The Park does not have a cafe. However basic tea, coffee, cordial and cake can be purchased in the Sherbrook Chapel 

Sales Areas

There are 2 sales areas. Plants can be purchased just inside the front gate.

Books can be purchased in the Sherbrooke Chapel.